ACOFFEE Home Brewing Guide

Brewing Guide

We roast our bean selections to extract a spectrum of flavours depending on the chosen brewing method.

Espresso roasting creates a medium-bodied, balanced flavour with a complex depth and richness when brewed with at home Espresso Machines, Stove Top methods or French Press.

Filter roasting develops the beans to a lighter degree, enabling the natural qualities to come through with clarity when using filtered brewing methods such as Pour Over, Aeropress, and French Press.

Using a scale and timer improves accuracy and helps to produce a quality cup of coffee. Grind on demand if possible for better enjoyment. Store coffee beans in an air tight container. All guides are based on using a water temperature of 95˚C.

Recommended for use with espresso roasts

Espresso Machine

Grind Fine | Coffee 17-18g | Water 36-40g | Brew time 25-30 sec

Put 17-18g of ground coffee in the filter basket and level out the coffee using the index finger. Tamp - level and even. Engage the portafilter onto the machine and start brewing immediately. Extract out 36g-40g at 25-30 seconds, add water or milk to taste.

Tip: Adjust grind size to control flow rate. If too acidic grind finer, if harsh or bitter grind coarse, if salty use less coffee (-0.5g or -1g).

Stove Top (Moka Pot)

Grind Medium

Fill the basket to the edge with coffee grinds, do not temp. Pour hot water into the lower chamber up to below the release valve and seal tight. Place on a medium heat - it should not spit when brewing. Remove from the heat before the extraction ends and cool with a cold bar towel or tap water to stop the brew process.

Tip: Lower the heat if it starts spitting when brewing.

French Press

Grind Medium | Coffee 18g | Water 300g | Brew time 10 min

Place 18g of coffee into the press and fill with 300g of water. After 5 minutes, stir the bottom to agitate the grinds and wait another 3 minutes. Place the lid and press down gently. Wait 2 minutes before pouring and serving.

Tip: Use an Espresso Roast if you prefer a rich and full bodied flavour or add milk in your coffee. If not, you can also use a Filter Roast.

Recommended for use with Filter roasts

Pour Over

Grind Medium | Coffee 17g | Water 300g | Brew time 2:30-3 min

Place filter paper in the dripper and rinse with hot water. Bloom 17g of coffee with 40g of water using circular motions. After 30 seconds, pour another 75g of water in a circular motion. At the 1:1 5 minute mark, pour the rest of the water up to 300g.

Tip: Try not to pour water directly onto the dripper.

Clever Dripper

Grind Medium | Coffee 18g | Water 300g | Brew time 2 min

Place the filter paper and rinse with hot water. Fill the dripper with 300g water and add 18g of coffee. Gently stir to make the coffee wet, then wait 2 minutes. Empty into a preheated cup or server.


Grind Fine-Medium | Coffee 15-18g | Water 250-300g | Brew time 3 min

After placing the filter paper, put the coffee grinds in the vessel, add water and place the plunger immediately to stop the coffee from dripping. Let brew for around 2:30 minutes then press down gently and evenly on the plunger for 30 seconds.