Coffee Roasting Fundamentals

Coffee Roasting Fundamentals

(Day Course, Limited to 4 attendees per class)


Foundation coffee roasting course for who wants to learn about roasting process, develop their knowledge and understand the relationship between roasting and brewing/extraction.

This is great for Coffee enthusiasts, Baristas and coffee professionals to improve their knowledge and understanding of impact of roasting process. 

This Class is practical base class with hands-on roasting experience including:

        - Anatomy of coffee roaster

        - Roasting Process

        - Heat transfer

        - Roasting development

        - Chemical reaction

        - Relationship coffee roasting and brewing / extraction

        - Coffee evaluation

        - Identifying roasting faults

        - 3 sessions of cup tasting

        - Hands-on coffee roasting experience on Probat sample roaster

        - Demonstration of profile / Production roasting on Probatone 12 coffee roaster


Professional Coffee Roasting

(Individual course, approx. 3 - 4 days)

Intensive roasting course from A to Z, Green selection / Production roasting / Roasting profiling / Sample roasting / Brewing and Extraction etc. This is professional / commercial purpose.

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Business Consulting

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Byoung-Woo Kang(as known as BW) 

BW has worked in industry leading coffee companies in Melbourne over 10 years through the line of seeds to cup. Through the line, his focus was tailored coffee roasting of flavour development. His wide range of industry experience over the time becomes solid foundation of ACOFFEE

        - Founder of ACOFFEE

        - Coach of Australian Cup Tasting Champion 2015 and 2016

        - World Cup Tasting Championship 5th Place 2014 (Australia Representative)

        - Victorian Aeropress Championship Judge 2014

        - Australian Cup Tasting Championship 1st Place 2014

        - Victorian Cup Tasting Championship 1st Place 2014

        - Licensed Q Grader (Melbourne) 2011

        - Victorian Barista Championship, Accredited Judge 2011

        - Victorian Cup Tasting Championship 2nd Place 2011