Frequently asked questions

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How do you source your beans?

All of our beans are ordered and traceable back to the origin farms and farmers - our single origin roasts keep these location names. We choose to source fresh seasonally, which means we don't buy the past season's coffee beans. This is a choice based on the flavours that appear with the freshest of beans.

Which roast should I buy?

We roast in two different ways that are tailored to best suit either Espresso brewing methods or Filter brewing methods. If you have an Espresso Machine or Stove Top, we recommend using one of our Espresso Roasts. If you use a filtering method such as pour-over, Aeropress, Chemex or French press we recommend one of our Filter Roasts.

How often do you roast coffee?

We roast once weekly. When you order, we will always send the freshest coffee we have, so there may be a one day delay if you order around our roasting date.

I'm new to coffee, where do I start and how do I find what I like?

You can read our Brewing Guide to see our recommendations for making a great cup of coffee. We are also working on bringing equipment into our online shop but for now you can find a selection of brewing equipment for purchase in our Melbourne showroom. If you can, come chat to us about what you're looking for, or send us an email at hello@acoffee.com.au - we'd be happy to help!


Where do you ship?

We ship throughout Australia using Sendle and worldwide using Australia Post. If you're in South Korea you can purchase through our Korean website.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on your location and order weight. We offer free shipping on Australian coffee bean orders over $80.

When will my order be shipped?

We send the freshest coffee we have, packed and shipped within 2 business days from your order date. In some cases, we won't have the coffee you ordered in stock so will roast it the on next roasting day.

Can you grind my coffee bean purchase for me?

Absolutely, just select the option when you make the purchase depending on what brewing method you use.

My order is taking long to arrive and the tracking is not updating?

Unfortunately once your order leaves us and is in the hands of the delivery carrier we don't know anything more than you do. Of course we'd be happy to help out and contact the carrier for you, but please note that the postal systems are overwhelmed and currently much slower than usual.


When will my subscription order be shipped?

We post all subscriptions on the first Wednesday of every month. This allows us to plan and roast the perfect amount of beans and get them fresh to you for brewing.

When should I sign up to receive the next subscription in time?

If you sign up anytime before the first Wednesday of the month, your subscription will be charged and sent out along with all our Subscription orders.

I live outside Australia. Can I purchase the subscription plan?

Unfortunately as the subscription cost includes shipping, we don't offer this to overseas buyers yet. Please feel free to purchase any of our one-time purchase beans for swift delivery!

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime after your first 3 deliveries. This is our minimum requirement. If you want to receive less than 3, we recommend purchasing a one off product.

Can I change the frequency of my subscription or the day that I get it?

Our subscriptions are a monthly based service so we only send them out on the set day. This is because we roast in small batches and need to plan for the higher volume of Subscription orders. You can allow enough beans for the whole month by changing the quantity you receive each month.

On average for 1 months supply:
250g is enough for a coffee every few days for 1 person
500g is enough for a coffee everyday for 1-2 people
1kg is enough for a coffee everyday 2-3 people
3kg is enough for a coffee everyday for 4-5 people


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Please view our Wholesale page for information on how to contact us.